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  • Bringing History into your Interiors with Reclaimed Furniture


    We welcome Ronique Gibson to the Interior Designer Alliance, and we are proud to showcase her first article for our blog. Her first piece is about our Artisan Collection which can be found on our website.

    Over the past few years there has been a global movement into preserving Mother Earth’s resources and becoming a socially conscious society that respects and conserves materials, and resources. This global push has trickled down into our individual homes and decorating with reclaimed and repurposed furniture is a beautiful way to bring the artisan movement into your home. Whether you like the look of restored wood and metal or you prefer the historic and distressed feel of repurposed pieces, the Artisan Collection can help you transform your interior spaces. While not all the pieces of the Artisan Collection are reclaimed wood, they all have an aesthetic sense of beauty and a repurposed look and feel.

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    How to choose the perfect piece:  The beauty of reclaimed furniture is the act of reusing and repurposing materials into a new use and adding a new function to each piece is inspiring. The Unique Reclaimed Wood 6 Seater Rustic Dining Room Table offers a rustic appeal that is visible in its construction as well as to the visible eye. This eco-friendly table is made from solid hardwood and each piece is unique from its reclaimed past.

    When choosing reclaimed furniture remember that color, variation in wood grain, and knots and scratches are part of the character of the piece. If choosing a dining room set keep this in mind a buffet like the Oklahoma Farmhouse Distressed Antique Sideboard don’t have to match perfectly, in fact this is the appeal.  Reclaimed wood can come from old barns, railroad ties, abandoned buildings and even factory pallets. Home interiors have adopted the reclaimed movement as a reconnecting back with nature and bringing the colors, textures, and feel to your everyday lifestyle.



    ·       Let the furniture dictate your space:  If it seems a challenge to find the piece of furniture that matches your existing decorative style, how about find the reclaimed pieces you love first and build upon it? Similarly to your outdoor home when you find plants, flowers, and planters to decorate your patio – the same can be held true for your interior spaces. The reclaimed movement also gives a nod towards artisans and craftsmen who take pride in their work. Many reclaimed furniture pieces are one of a kind. Which means your interior space will instantly become a unique asset to just your home!

    Whether you love the history behind reclaimed furniture or you want to make an eco-friendly decision to save the Earth’s resources, adding the Artisan collection will add beauty to every room in your home.

    Ronique Gibson, Assoc. AIA, LEED A.P., helps homeowners find decor, organization, do it yourself (DIY) and family lifestyle solutions, and started off as resource to share ideas. Stagetecture is Ronique Gibson’s home design lifestyle service and blog that started in 2009.  Today her site has become a well sought after destination for helping homeowners check in daily for help with their homes, DIY Saturday’s and inspiration to motivate homeowners to beautify and enjoy their homes.

    From guest blogs to Ronique’s expertise in architecture, home interiors, and green living topics, Stagetecture is the perfect place to visit everyday. Whether you are looking for your next weekend project, you need help with home maintenance, or you want design inspiration to relax and view gorgeous home images, Stagetecture is your destination for ‘Everything Home’!


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